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Thermal Deburring Process


Thermal combustion removes burrs  and flash from all part surfaces

regardless of there location, even intersecting or blind holes inaccessible to other processes.Thermal combustion is one of the most consistent methods of deburring due to its accurate machine parameter settings, providing highly predictable and repetitious results.Thermal combustion  is versatile and effective on a wide range of materials including zinc, brass,aluminum, steel, stainless steel,

cast iron, and thermo plastics.


Parts to be processed are placed in a chamber which is pressurized with

a mixture of  natural gas and oxygen that completely surrounds and

penetrates all of the parts geometry ,equally encapsulating burrs, flash,and debris. The mixture of gas is then ignited via a controlled spark, this creates a burst of intense heat measured in milliseconds, during which all burrs and flash are raised above there auto-ignition point and vaporize.

Additional Services

Please contact us with part information, material and production requirements. We can then arrange NO CHARGE sample deburring. Durr All can also provide

additional post Thermal Deburring processes such as:


  •     Surface finishing via vibratory finishing

  •     Abrasive blasting

  •     Piece count packaging

  •     Loose packaging

  •     Labeling

  •     Palletizing

  •     Stretch wraping


All to your specifications to further enhance your products appearance or function and eliminate another

step in your production schedule.

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